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Times of change is challenging for everyone...

The difference between a smooth and a traumatic workforce transition comes down to planning, communication, employee transition pathways, and managers preparedness.

In an increasingly fractious climate, many organisations are now facing the reality of significant change in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The reality is staff rationalisation and the downsizing experience is difficult for both employers and employees.

Drake’s career transition and outplacement services ensures that the downsizing experience is handled sensitively and professionally.

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Outplacement Services

We offer an end-to-end outplacement service assisting organisations through the three key stages including planning, implementation and ongoing support when downsizing. Areas covered include:

  • Guidance for leaders to plan and manage the restructuring process

  • Developing transparent selection processes based on performance and capability

  • Refocus and team building workshops to support retained staff

  • Career coaching and job search strategy including social media, resume development, networking etc

  • Access to an ongoing Employee Assistance Program


Job Search 


Drake Job Search is an online, engaging program designed to equip exiting employees with the skills to thrive in the current job market across the following areas:

  • Searching for job opportunities

  • Developing a stand-out resume

  • Interviewing with confidence

  • Effective networking skill development

  • Building a growth mindset

  • One-on-one coaching session with an experienced recruitment consultant

Introducing Drake's Career Transition 

Outplacement Services

For the


Whilst demonstrating an organisation is concerned for their employees, the provision of career transitioning services has many benefits for employers:

Preservation of the employment brand

Reduction of potential risks concerning employee well-being

Adverse impacts on the morale and productivity of retained staff are minimised

Maintained relationships with exiting employees

Managers are supported through the outplacement process

For the 


Change is often a difficult process and our services are designed to support the differing needs of each individual. The benefits of our programs include:

Practical career advice and emotional support

Transition of the individual’s focus to their future career plans

Maximising the success of reemployment strategies

Increased awareness of skills and strengths by using personality and behavioural assessment

Access to Drake training and recruitment services

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