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The Drake Wellness Hub

Drake International’s Wellness Hub provides organisations with access to a complete wellness solution, where business leaders can strategically select their product mix in alignment with their business needs. Explore some of our products below:

Drake Wellbeing

Drake Wellbeing helps organisations improve the mental wellbeing of workers through the application of scientific and actionable assessment, programs, and tools. We build out custom solutions with our clients, based on their workers wellbeing needs.   

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Drake WorkWise

Employee Assistance Services (Drake WorkWise) provides comprehensive and confidential programs, organisational Psychological services, and critical incident management, to ensure your business, teams, and individuals are getting the care and support they need.  

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Research insights into the intricacies of Australian workers' wellbeing. 

As a business leader, you’ll be privy to:

How COVID-19 has impacted Australian workers' wellbeing.

Latest insights and trends on wellbeing for Australian workplaces and industries.

What leading workplaces are doing differently and how you can employ ‘best practice’ and become a workplace of choice.

How leaders can better support wellbeing and help their teams not just survive, but thrive.

Drake Biometrics 

Drake Biometrics is an innovative, interactive, scientifically-backed body composition measuring device. It's an individualised approach to assessing body composition and provides a valuable baseline in which to build your physical wellbeing journey. 

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